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TV Aerials Installations and Repairs

If you have lost your reception completely or are experiencing a fuzzy picture, freezing channels or a blocked signal then you might need a new aerial fitted.

Cables & Wires can attend your property and complete a full diagnosis of your TV aerial system to get to the root of the problem. We will check the alignment of your aerial, test all the cable connections and see if any parts of your aerial have been damaged.

If a brand new aerial is required then we can fit one for you and ensure that your TV reception is of the highest quality.

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Cables & Wires offer a no quibble, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t see what you need here, please give us a call to discuss your requirements and if you need help or advise we can offer friendly support even ‘out of normal hours’.


Freeview Digital TV

At Cables & Wires, we believe Freeview is the best way for you to receive Digital TV. All you need is a good quality wide band TV aerial; a Freeview set top box or a compatible entertainment system. If you’ve recently set up Freeview on your television, but you’re experiencing problems receiving a clear picture or a reliable reception, call us.

We will be happy to visit your home and advise you on the best aerial to use moving forward. We can also supply you with a Freeview box however, we strongly advise you to visit your local electrical supplier and purchase a box from a much wider selection; it’s important that you choose the correct equipment to suit your viewing requirements.

Satellite Dish Installation

Improve your entertainment system with state-of-the-art television aerials and satellite dishes. Cables & Wires, bring you the latest technology at very competitive prices.

We are able to provide and fit aerials or dishes securely and safely, taking care to find the best position to ensure the best possible picture quality. We can also look at your existing system to solve problems with broken reception, lost channels, and other problems. Get in touch today for a no obligation free quote at no charge. Installation can begin at your earliest convenience.


Specialty Sky™ Setups

Get a Sky dish even when Sky themselves refuse to install one. We specialise in non-standard installations that Sky will not touch.


Freesat Digital TV

Cables & Wires are experts in the installation of digital satellite systems capable of receiving Freesat SD, Freesat HD and Freesat+ (also known as Freesat PVR or Freesat HDR). As well as Freesat, HD box and satellite dish installation, we also service and maintain existing digital satellite systems.

We can advise you on what you’ll need to get up and running with Freesat and we are happy to provide a no obligation free quote for all new Freesat installations.


Extra Telephone Points and Repairs

We can diagnose faults, complete moves, additions or changes to your existing telephone configuration or simply perform a system ‘health check’ for your peace of mind. If you have broadband problems we can test your wiring and general state of installation. Poor quality cabling, telephone sockets and extension leads can all contribute to slower speeds.

We can visit your home or premises to install or repair internal telephone wiring at a competitive price. If you have a system or service that is not listed here, please get in touch either by phone, text or email and Cables & Wires would be pleased to handle your request.


Broadband and Network Wiring

Broadband and telephone installation and maintenance is not what is was a few years ago, with the advent of higher speed broadband in homes today sometimes simply adding an extra extension can ruin broadband speeds, causing slow download speeds and hours of frustration.

Cables & Wires are able to fix and repair broadband issues as well as provide advice and help with external issues including the installation of all categories of broadband and network cabling requirements.  Give us a call to see how we can help on all broadband and network cabling requirements you may have or need help with.

DAB/FM Radio Aerials

Cables & Wires can install a radio aerial to improve the reception for DAB Radio/FM and possibly increase the amount of channels you currently receive.  

If you are having problems with your reception, we can repair or install a higher gain antenna and help you to continue listening to that station that you used to listen to everyday and enjoy all the music you love.

Or if you just want to have an external FM aerial fitted so that you can receive a better reception, call us now and we'll advise you on the most appropriate antenna for your needs which can be fitted almost straight away!

Plasma & LCD Wall Installations

If you have a new flatscreen TV, PLasma TV or LCD Television, and you want it mounting to a wall of your choice Cables & Wires can help. We can visit and advise you on the best wall and position to have your flat screen TV wall mounted to provide optimal viewing for everyone in the room.

We can upon request supply and install the adequate TV bracket / trunking / cables / leads / LED lighting to compliment your televisions functions. For example: HDMI, Optical, coaxial, AV, ethernet, USB cables / leads.

Having agreed this with you we can then proceed with the work, installing your TV either straight onto the wall on a low profile TV bracket or with a bespoke swivel and tilt system.  We will hide the cabling for you /refill with plaster and leave the site ready for painting.

Commercial Aerial and Satellite Installations

Cables & Wires offer a full range of satellite and aerial services to the commercial sector.

We carry out work on a wide range of commercial aerial installation projects in a variety of property types. These include hotels, schools, hospitals, care homes, retirement homes, pubs/clubs, new builds, refurbishments, listed buildings, apartments, local authority, shops, offices.

If your business is looking for a local specialist to fulfil your aerial and satellite needs, contact us to find out more about our top-class services and competitive prices.

Communal Aerial and Satellite Installations

Our communal aerial installation service is a fully managed service ensuring that everything from design and planning is in compliance with best practice standards and local regulations. From installing hidden systems in listed buildings to upgrading outdated MATV reception systems, we've done it all.

If you need a local expert TV aerial installer to guide you on what's best, then Cables & Wires should be your first contact. We offer specialist aerial installation for flats, but can adapt a system according to your requirements.

With over fifteen years of experience installing aerial, satellite and countless other audio / visual systems, we're ready willing and able to ensure not just you, but your tenants / customers get crystal clear TV all of the time.

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry systems provide the physical security of monitoring and controlling access into your property 24-hours a day and can be designed to work in sequence with Automated Gates & Barriers, CCTV systems and Access Control systems. All video and wireless telephone based systems can be interfaced with internal television sets and/or CCTV systems.  Cables & Wires provide installation and maintenance of Door Entry systems spanning the simplest one-way audio entry system, cutting edge wireless telephone based systems and multi-way digital video entry systems for commercial premises, residential homes and apartment blocks.

If you need help or advice on which type of door entry system to use give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Multiroom Cabling Distribution

Do you already have Sky, Freeview or Freesat in your home? Would you like to have it in another room in your home, or even in every room in the house?

With multiroom cabling installed in your home or commercial building you can watch television in any room. Cables & Wires can advise you on the best methods and locations for any extra distribution points and TV amplifiers that may need to be installed.

Give us a call to discuss your extra TV cabling needs and requirements.

European Satellite Systems

Sky and Freesat, as good as they are, are not the only satellite services available. There’s a whole world of programming out there and Cables & Wires can help you find it! Now you can get European Satellite TV, to get all your favourite European TV channels.

There are a range of options and costs available from a simple, single dish array aligned to one of the alternative European satellites and linked to a multi standard satellite receiver, to a full motorised satellite dish which, when linked to the correct receiver/controller can bring you thousands of channels at the push of a button.

The technology is out there, it’s simple to use and probably cheaper than you think. Let Cables & Wires help.